Eliminate DRM protection from audio and video files


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DRM protection of some video and audio files is very annoying when you want to share files or listen to the music you have purchased in another media player.

DRMBuster is the program we need to set our media files free of that DRM protection. Convert audio and video files and eliminate DRM protection at once, in only one step.

DRMBuster converts audio to mp3, wma and wav and video to mp4, mpg and avi.

It's easy, choose the files you want to convert and eliminate DRM protection from, then choose the output quality and other settings and press start. Wait for a few seconds and you'll have the files converted by DRMbuster.

If you usually buy music in iTunes, you'll welcome this application, because it will allow you to listen to your music on any media player. Do wahtever you want with your audio and video files: share them, copy them and listen orview them on any device.

Trial version only converts the first 90 seconds of each file.

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